Film Review: Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

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“Do The Right Thing” Brittany Curry Dr. Charlton August 5,2015 Brittany Curry Director and actor Spike Lee presented his views about racism and race relations in his movie entitled Do the Right Thing. The film exhibits the spectacle of black discrimination and racial altercations. Through serious, angry, and loud sounds, Lee stays true to all of his characters, all of which reflect their own individual thought process. Lee uses insulting dialect and very intense movie scenes to show how severe racism can lead to violence. Despite the fact that the movie is over two decades old, as I viewed the movie for the first time I realize all the issues that are presented in the movie are prevalent in today's society. Concept #1: Prejudice…show more content…
Sal had another son who worked for him named Vito. Vino and Mookie had developed a very special friendship. A friendship in which was frowned upon by Vito. There is a scene in which Pino calls Vino to the storage room and from there proceeds to put him in a head-lock. From there he tells Pino that Mookie is not to be trusted. He even used a racial Italian slur to describe Mookie and the rest of his kind. Vito goes on to explain how he trust Mookie due to the simple fact that Mookie listens to him and is always there when needed. Pino feels these sense of betrayal from his own brother. The fact that his brother is choosing the blacks over his own race saddens him. Mookie however is constantly explaining to Vito that the world doesn’t have to be seen in black and white. Also he tells him how he shouldn’t let his brother interfere and try to control his life. There is another character that is introduced early in the movie by the name of the Mayor. The Mayor is the local neighborhood alcoholic that walks around constantly throughout the day looking for ways to fuel his addiction. In one scene he is seen asking a twelve year old boy named Eddy to go to the store and by him a beer. He went along to tell him to say it was for sickly grandfather. This was seen by a local group of teenagers that went on to call The Mayor several disrespectful names trying to degrade him for his actions. The Mayor then went on…show more content…
This is why the film was so ground-breaking in its own particular respect. There are so many examples that can be used to show how a person felt at the beginning of the movie compared to their new found outlook at the end of the film. A character that displays this perfectly is Mookie. Mookie sees the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant as his home and is comfortable with everyone that resides there. He is seen as somewhat of a median amongst the blacks and the whites. He is seen to all of his people as being “down” for whatever cause they stand for, in which in this film is black supremacy over the whites. However since he is an employee for Sal at Sal’s famous Pizzeria which happens to be the only white establishment in the town he is cautious not to ruin his relationship with them. So for majority of the movie Mookie is caught between a racial war going on during a hot summer day in Brooklyn. He simply wants keep his friends as well as keep his job, but he quickly sees that both worlds cannot co-exist. Mookie never allowed his friends to interfere with his work life. For example, there’s a scene where Bugging Out tells Mookie that he shouldn’t work for Sal. That nobody should work for someone who doesn’t appreciate the idea of having African-Americans on the wall. Walking with his sister jade, Mookie tells him that he should really cut out all of the non sense. His sister goes on to tell Bugging Out that he should really channel his energy

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