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Spartan Training Spartans the feared name on the battlefield. From birth till death they trained and trained to be the best soldiers they could. From precise pairing of couples to the inspection at birth to a life of training. The beatings continued until they were deemed ready to join the ranks of the Spartan military. Now the Spartans were a different breed of warrior. Before a Spartan was born there were games held that would determine who would marry who. This guaranteed that the woman would give birth to a certain type of soldier. Now the Spartans athletic competitions very highly regarded and the winners even higher. Now to determine who would marry who they would pear the strongest men with the strongest women as well as the fastest men with the fastest women. This was done in order to guarantee the best soldiers that could be conceived. Now after birth the babies were then judged by elders to ensure what was basically a quality control. The babies were takin to Mount Taygetos and if found unworthy due to being small deformed or puny were thrown off of the cliff.…show more content…
They were then turned over to be train in the art of warfare for the rest of their childhood and teenage years. Now while they were in training it is said that they were taught basic general academics as well. The young soldiers went through a brutal traning regimen to harden them and teach them how to survive in any situation that may arise, It is said that they were also encouraged to steel but, they were not to get caught. They were supplied with only the necessities to survive. Now as the age and maturity level of the Spartan soldier grew so did his responsibilities. The training increased as well as the expectations to put in more effort and train

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