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Submitted To: Asim Ahmad, Senior Manager Submitted By: Bilal Shahid Roll No: 2151054 Submitted Date: 30-11-2015 Final Project: How improving your personality can help you both professionally and personally? Summary: I want to improve my personality presently I’m little bit shy and less talkative. I sometimes feel that I have a problem with the confidence also. Personality is not permanent it can be changed. Only dead fish follow the stream. If we have strong or energetic personality we can achieve high goals and may have many hobbies in the life. I have some strength as well as some weaknesses. I recommend that when I improve my…show more content…
I want to have my own software house. Because I am very hard worker and it’s my ambition to have my own business. Insha’Allah Occasionally I am aggressive on small things so I need to improve and overcome this thing because it’s not good for me because sometimes we need to be quite and this bad habit will spoil my future. I would improve certain areas of my personality by from my friends and family members like my parents and brothers because they spent much time with me and know everything about me and will help me in improving in my personality. Weakness: While driving too much speed. The first thing I want to improve in me is communication skills I don’t have a good communication skills I cannot completely transfer my views and ideas to other peoples communication is very important things in personality it is the big thing to make a man successful I don’t have a patience I always in hurry to do work which is some time create difficulties for me I make bad decision, wasted too much time in my past without doing important things which make me better don’t have a spirituality. Sometime I waste my important time in enjoying.

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