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The 2004 film version of The Notebook is a romantic drama adapted from Nicholas Spark’s best-selling novel. The central story is set in the 1940’s and is about two young people Noah and Allie, who have a passionate romance, but are forced apart due to Allie’s mother. After seven years without contact, they become reunited. The film is shown through a series of flashbacks as they are read from a notebook years later by an old gentleman to a lady who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Noah Calhoun is the main character and is completely devoted to Allie. He represents true, faithful, committed love. Noah is a down to earth person who remains committed to Allie, even when she got Alzheimer’s. His tenacity is completely admirable. Noah seemingly has no…show more content…
Despite the circumstances, Allie always chooses Noah and listens to her heart. Allie’s problem is that sometimes she can be indecisive. Her good points are that she loves Noah for who he is and that she does not see him as inferior, even though his social class is lower than hers. She is not snobbish and chooses to follow her heart. Other characters are Lon Hammond who was Allie’s fiancé and Anne, Allie’s mother who tried to keep Noah and Allie apart Noah was moulded and formed by his history and by rebuilding the country house; he was actually trying to rebuild his own life. Noah always stayed loyal, faithful and devoted to Allie. As Allie grew and matured, so did her understanding of love - from a first love to a timeless love where she was able to develop her own artistic talents, skills and abilities. Allie was able to grow, because of Noah's love for her. The Notebook is a tragic love story, but their romance ended happily. The story taught me that successful love relationships are the result of dedication and commitment. The Notebook shows us the beauty and power of

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