Power Of An Educated Girl Essay

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Who isn’t talking about the statement that First Lady Obama made during Glamour’s The Power of an Educated Girl panel in Harlem, NYC. “There is no boy at this age who is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education,” she advised. Flotus followed this statement by mentioning that her focus on her education, instead of on boys during her formative years, is what enabled her to position herself for the role of FLOTUS. So my questions is…how many of us truly love the young girls in our lives? We are constantly saying that we don’t want our girls to settle for less, that we want them to be with men who deserve them. Are we also training and developing them into the women of value that men of value pursue? We have…show more content…
Fathers, be the type of man that you tell your daughter is acceptable. Demonstrate this in how you treat her, the choice of women you date or how you treat the woman you are with, and your work ethic. It goes such a long way to practice what you preach and not just dictate. The same thing goes for the moms. Show these girls what women look like, how they act, how they communicate and the value of self respect and dignity. It’s imperative. We are so concerned with selfies showing eyebrows on fleek, bundles of hair, and tutorials on how to keep a man. If you raise her to pursue her education and dreams above all else, she will be the woman a man works hard to achieve and never puts himself in a position to lose. I can’t say it enough. Invest time and attention in these young girls and their pursuits. That’s part of what leads them astray. When we don’t support them yet a little boy is giving them attention, they misconstrue that as positive, productive engagement. Does it end with our teenage girls? Absolutely not. Girls who are in the habit of neglecting their education and dreams for the attention of boys become women who neglect themselves for the attention of men. Most women can attest to

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