Bass Family: A Short Story

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Once upon a time in the middle of the woods there was a sparkling clear pond with lots of beautiful fish in it. Actually the most beautiful Bass Family lived in the best place in the pond and even sent their two daughters to the best school in the pond. Oh how beautiful the daughters were. Spice the oldest had dark eyes and lovely fins. She would parade around on her tail and her fins looked like angel wings. But Sugar, her younger sister was the most beautiful was the most beautiful. Her eyes were the color of the blue sky. Her fins and tail were green like the leaves on the tree. Everybody loved Sugar and told her how pretty she was. Sugar began to think she was better than Spice and all the other fish in the pond. Spice was sad! Sugar was…show more content…
Now she was no longer beautiful! Who would lover her now? She swam the best she could and went straight to her family with big tears coming beautiful eyes. Her family looked at her and asked “What happened Sugar?” I know you told me not to go to the rock and look at myself in the pond but I did anyway. The Great Blue Heron came and got me. I tried to get away but he got me by the tail and we flew up over the pond. I flipped and flopped and finally got away from him. I fell in the pond with a big splash and could hardly swim. Oh Mama, Papa and Spice my beautiful tail is almost gone. What will I do? Nobody will think I’m beautiful anymore. Mama said Sugar maybe this happened for a reason. We have all tried to tell you that being beautiful on the outside is not what’s important. It’s inside your heart that counts. You have been a very bad fish but maybe the Great Blue Heron has taught you a lesson. You were almost eaten by that bird because of your pride but now maybe you will listen and learn from your mistake. We are your family and we love you beautiful or missing part of your tail. You will always be beautiful to your

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