Personal Narrative: A Long Road While Driving

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The first time I actually drove a car by myself without even my older sister with me was about a week after I received my driver’s license. I had been planning on accompanying her to the mall, despite my having no need or desire to do so, when I realized that I didn’t need to ask anyone to take time out of their day to come sit in the car with me while I drove around, I could simply drive anywhere I wanted. The first place I went; down a random nearby road that I had never gone down before and always wondered where it went. I drove down that one road for almost an hour; I went through three towns before I turned around to go home. I had never felt so much freedom. When I step into my car its like entering my own little world that I have sole control over; I get to pick the music, I get to change the temperature settings, and I get to choose where I go. From inside my car, the outside world is still entirely observable, yet inside the metal and fiberglass frame shields a vast majority of me and my actions from the eyes of those on the outside. Singing as loud as I want without worrying how I sound brings me the most satisfaction followed closely by crying uncontrollably without worrying that someone might try to comfort my sobs and complaining about anything and everything I want without fear judgement or seeming absolutely insane and overdramatic.…show more content…
That music can be anything you like to listen to and you’re able to change it with the changing of your moods without confining it to just your ears the way you do with headphones. You’re

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