Positive Perspective About Love

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It is very palpable that many people tend to criticize love as something that is temporary. Many people also believe that when it comes to love, nothing is forever. This paper would create a big diversion on these rubbish notions about love. For the author, love for him is something that is evergreen or infinite. One must know that love is not the cause of all the problems that one might have. It is his perspective that creates a depraved notion on love. So, it is really essential to think positive about love. This would be possible if one would discipline himself to have a positive idea about love. This paper has been incorporated with many ideas that side on the positive spectrum of love and also from the author himself. The true nature of love binds in the internal essence of human being. It cannot be separated and it cannot be unlearned. It is…show more content…
Every problem is already supplied with positive standpoint and relief. But one must know that having positive perspective on life does not mean all the problems in the worlds are already solved. It gives an inspiration and drive to understand and answer all the unruly thoughts and notions of a person. Many people call it naïve but one must ignorance and being mediocre are different from being optimistic. Being optimistic does not mean what one gets, one already deserves. It is quite the opposite. It seeks for the betterment and goodness of things and not only that it transcends the façade and mundaneness of a person and things in the realms of the physical world. The psychological standard of a person is based on the level of the cogito or the thinking thing of a person. One must think logically and correctly in order to gain the standard of a positive perspective. Thus, attaining a good and nice perspective for a human being creates a big variance to other people whom they think the bad way of all
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