Kerry's Black Dragon Case Study Proposal

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Name: Kerrika Sterling School: Colbourne College Teacher: Mrs. Walters ID number: COL 1283 Year: 2014 Table of Contents Pages Numbers Executive summary 3 Section 1: Introduction Rational 5 Objectives 6 Background 7-8 Methodology 9 Section 2:Discussion and Analysis of Findings Lo1-2.1 11 Lo1-2.2 12 Lo1-2.3 13 Summary of Recommendation 14 Conclusion 15 References 16 Appendices 17-19 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The researcherexplained how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively, the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on business organisations and their activities and the impact…show more content…
Kerry’s Black Dragon is required to pay tax but not only the business. Whenever the business pays their employees, the employees are also required to pay individual taxes as well. If the government should raise tax rates, it would not only affect the business but the stakeholders, such as if the rate is suppose to increase the business would have to increase the prices of the goods which affects customer and it will also means less income for employees and probably less employment. Fiscal policy is not the only policy that affects Kerry’s Black Dragon. Monetary policy is a next policy that can affect the business. This policy affects the business in a form of the supply and demand. Meaning, if there is a high demand for a product and the business cannot produce this product due to the capital of the business then the business ends up losing the opportunity of making greater profit and if there is a high supply for a product and there is no demand, then the business will also lose in money and possibility of…show more content…
If the policy is implemented on Kerry’s Black Dragon, the organization will need to come up with new and improve strategies such as pricing and promotions that will automatically allow the business a share in a make without any loss.The business will have to find cheaper resources to produce goods but still of a high quality to lower the cost of the goods provided and keep it that way. There are other regulatory mechanisms that affect the business. Some of these mechanisms are:government agencies, pressure groups and government itself. The business is at risk of losing the best employees in the organization. But to stop that, the business will have to make sure that the employees are safe, comfortable and as satisfied as the customers because of the high competition in the market. And in the end Kerry’s Black Dragon will find ways to gain a share in the market, keep the competition on their level high and encourage their employees because in the end the business risk not to fail but to make profit and grow in

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