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Tuesday’s with Morrie is a story all about love, trust, compassion, forgiveness, and death. Morrie Schwartz, a dying man who shared his inspiring philosophies in life is the one who made a great impact on his students, most especially for Mitch Albom. The book can make one realize the wondrous significance of life which contains everyone's fears and problems they encounter in their everyday life. Death will always be a natural part of life in which we may never control our time in this world. For in some points in life, people will always have that someone who may have a great influence to them and who inspires them to become a better person. Suddenly, in just a glimpse, everything may change in this world that is why the story teaches not to cling to something, since everything is impermanent. Furthermore, people should…show more content…
Morrie taught me that in order to find meaning and joy in your life, you need to love others, be a positive part of your community, and be something bigger than yourself. Tuesdays with Morrie also changed my personal perspective on death as well, wherein it opened my eyes to the idea that death isn’t all that bad. Morrie taught me to embrace life and to make the best of my time left just like how he chose to spend his final days touching the lives of others, and not spending every minute of everyday feeling sorry for himself. Morrie Scwartz has taught me one of the greatest lessons in life, and that is to not be scared of life itself. I would recommend this book to the youth who are struggling with a tough situation and are already on the verge of giving up because of all the complexities in their life. This book will not only give you genuine advice, but also it will help you with that problem while keeping your mind on the right path when it comes to self-worth, love and

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