Kellogg Marketing Analysis

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Marketing Marketing is when organizations are able to manage the customer’s relations while managing profits (Sameera B. Hussain, 2014). The organization is bound to perform all the marketing functions that include profit and nonprofit companies; the nonprofit companies include welfare companies’ hospitals, government, churches etc. Marketing is defined as the process where the companies create value to build and strengthen customer relationships in order to get back the value in return by customers Marketing Orientation Marketing management is set to design those strategies that lead organization to gain profit through target customers (Goyat, 2011). The marketing strategies could be carried out by different alternative marketing concepts…show more content…
The product Kellogg constantly develops new types of breakfast cereals by implementing new product element or new product it’s self to get the right prices by completely examining the customers perceptions and competitors products. Kellogg product has marketing to different set of age groups and preferences, for example Kellogg special K challenge to the people who like to live balance diet, Kellogg coco pops cereals for children etc. The price Kellogg belongs to the oligopolistic market, where there are very few competitors. Kellogg induces different prices to different products, where Special K is targeting women consumers and positioning healthy food allows Kellogg to keep a higher price than their old and existing and basic products like Rice Krispies and Cornflakes. The…show more content…
Philip Kotler has defined differentiation strategy as a process to add valued differences and distinguish it from other competitors (Jack Trout, 2010). Moreover positioning is where the product occupies the place in the market which is perceived by group of customer (Kotler, 2012). Kellogg works on differentiation and position strategy where they keep adding new features to the product in order to differentiate like Special K, Krispies, and Cocoa Pop. Moreover they also add different benefits of the product in packaging and in their advertisements. Moreover they position themselves differently where Frosties are for children and Special K are for women. Kellogg in order to differentiate themselves, have opened a crunchy nut restaurant in 2012 which has the unique outdoor ambiance which is actively engaged with CN

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