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The movie ‘Bella’ raises many issues which are discussed throughout the movie. One of the most prominent controversial issues in the movie is the choice of abortion. The movie is heavily focused on a Christian perspective, hence the implementation of Christian values we see throughout the film. Bella is a saccharine trifle that discusses many different issues. Along with abortion another concept the film approaches is adoption. Lastly, the third obvious element the film discusses is employment, as Nina is fired on the spot by her boss Manny after arriving late for the second day in a row. Throughout the following personal response these concepts and issues will be discussed and how they are present throughout the film Bella. The first and…show more content…
We see adoption come up multiple times in the film and we see how it plays a major role in the choice Nina makes to keep her baby. When Jose and Nina have dinner at Jose’s parents’ house Nina finds out that Manny was adopted. One of the main influences of Nina changing her mind and choosing to keep her baby rather than aborting it was Jose. Jose decided that he would adopt Nina’s child. Adoption is also a controversial issue. Some of the positives include that you are going to rescue a child, when a good family adopts a child; he or she received the love and support necessary to have a good child. Secondly, you help the birth mother. In many cases, as we see in the film as well, adoption provides benefits for the mother. Often, the birth mother is a single teen parent who would struggle to provide for herself and the child while working a job and maybe attending school. We see the same situation Nina is placed in, she no longer has a job and cannot financially even afford to have a child, or moreover isn’t morally ready to have a child at this age. Sometimes parents are not physically or emotionally ready to raise their child. A third positive for adoption is for the adoptive family. Individuals seek to adopt a child for various reasons, some see it as a civic or religious duty to grow their family and other cannot have a biological child and desire the satisfaction in raising children. Jose adopted Nina’s child out of love, he had a love for children and was ready to focus his life on raising this child. However on the other hand, with abortion come some negatives. Abortion is a long and challenging process, moreover it costs money. Lastly, adopted children can be hard to be assimilated into a new family that loves and provides for

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