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The Value of Change In life, being open to change is an important skill. Although it requires a sense of detachment to temporary parts of life, it enables one to gain insight and see the world through varied perspectives. In Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she accommodates to the many different surroundings in her life, which helps her to continuously see her world in a sophisticated light. Angelou’s willingness to adapt to different physical locations enables her to gain wisdom from the various hardships she experiences in those places. Angelou’s readiness to adapt to life in Stamps, Arkansas opens her eyes to the generosity and sense of community there that serve as a basis for her growing wisdom. She writes…show more content…
Her willingness to adjust to yet another environment enables her to be open to the influences surrounding her. She writes, “The air of collective displacement...and the gauche personalities of the more recent arrivals tended to dissipate my own sense of not belonging” (Angelou 179). Among a changing crowd of people as out of place in San Francisco as she is, Angelou begins to feel at home. This allows her to gain perspective and a tolerant attitude towards the people there who can guide her in life. Angelou’s kind, strong mother acts as as a positive influence on her, teaching her that she can do whatever she sets her mind to despite the obstacles she may face. Angelou’s mother shares her philosophy with her daughter, implying that “The good Lord gave her a mind and she [intends] to use it to support her mother and her children” (Angelou 175). Her mother’s motivation to use her God-given assets and work hard is based on a love for and desire to help her family. This has a powerful effect on Angelou because a Black woman having this self-sufficient attitude towards her own life is uncommon during the current time period. Angelou’s willingness to feel comfortable in San Francisco enables her to be amenable to the maternal influence of her strong, independent mother, who helps Angelou realize that she can make a life for herself based on solely her intelligence and hard

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