Summary Of Heather Love's Feeling Backward

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Feeling Backward by Heather Love puts a perspective view of historical gay experience throughout history. It tries to reclaim the dark feeling that is reprehensive of homosexuals. It also argues how love and loneliness is present in the homosexual and heterosexual community. By showing the contrast of dark and light and tries to show the similarity all genders face and need for. The novel shows this in sequences of love, lost, sadness and emerges with hope. Focuses to dismember the dark of homosexuality. A society that is slowly opening up to transgender, homosexuality and bisexual shouldn’t there history also be included in the change? The novel puts together different reading to present an engagement and enlighten for critical thinking of the social and emotional effects. With the more…show more content…
There is a sense of equality mentally yet, still divided in the mannerism of society standards. Sometimes society forgets to think about the dark past filled with hate and death and only focus on the positive. The death of women who later develop the law protecting discrimination rights past in 1993. The description of lost love is evidences in the sadness face by queer and heterosexual people. For example, “ I focus on the negative affects-the need, the aversion, and the longing that characterizes the relation between past and present”(Love 31). The love letter translates from Greek to English showcase the longing of acceptances of unrequited love. It represents the will for security and positive look on the present. The promise of lasting love is an emotion every persons feels. I love for example, “ A love that is fleeting and filled with anguish becomes eternal”(Love 36). The fantasy of torn fragment to tries to woven together of an intrusive pattern. The pattern represents intertwine of past and present. It shows that love does remember the negative

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