A Summary Of Pedro's Journey To The American Dream?

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This is the story of two men, both are looking the american dream, one of them fail to succeed his dream and the other is successful in his life. In the city of Oaxaca a man named Pedro has a wish to go to the United States in search of the American dream. Pedro.- Hey compadre I'm going to the US, I want a better life, I'm looking for the american dream compa. Because I'm just a poor boy from a poor family Compadre.- porque fregados me habla en inglés. Compa Pedro.- Because I'm practicing my English to look like American. Compadre.- ta gueno cuidese wey lo quiero, no me olvide. Pedro.- who are you compa? Jajaja I'm just kidding take care see you. An so it begins Pedro's journey to the united states in search of the…show more content…
this is too expensive, I only have 20 dollars in my pocket Pollero., seriously? Pedro.- Yes i am dead serious I only have $20 bucks Pollero.- well Sorry lad but you need To get out of here AND NOW! Pedro.- damn it! I need to cross the river I hope I wont die After that the pollero took Pedro to the US and reach the city of LA, when Pedro was there he was looking for a job, any kind of job he was so desperate to find a job so he would accept anything, a few days later he met a young woman named Alejandra looking for a gardener Alejandra.- Hello if you are looking for a job my dear I can give you one because I need a gardener and you are perfect for the job if you are interest just let me know. Pedro.- Of course I am interest count me in for the job I can start anytime you want I have free time Alejandra.- We have a deal you start tomorrow at noon. Pedro.- Yes, my sweet lady, I will be there in time, thanks, see you tomorrow. Back in Canada Roberto is preparing for his migration to the United States in the city of Cambridge, from Calgary Canada he wanted to go by car but it was very long so he said well screw that and took an Airplane to Cambridge because it was much easier to do that, once he reached his destination he booked for a night in the…show more content…
After a few months Pedro did not found any work so he became into a homeless, he was living in the street and then appear a lady called Fernanda. Fernanda.- Hi mister! Pedro Hello? Fernanda.- why did you are here living in the street? Pedro.- because i lost my job. Fernanda.- did you have family here in the US Pedro.- No, i was living alone. Fernanda.- are you resident or a citizen. Pedro.- No.. i mean yes yes. Fernanda .- can you come with me please. Pedro.- why? Fernanda.- because you are deported sir Pedro.- NOOOO!!! Fernanda.- sorry sir the law is the law. When pedro was deported after a few weeks of being walking in a city of no where he dies of hungry because he didn't eat for two months. After a few years... Roberto graduates from Harvard and becomes the best engineer in the world creating the new software and hardware company called Pineapple. Alejandra get in jail because she abuse of her employees giving them a pitiful salary, a judge sentence 500 years in jail. Fernanda gets promoted of her position, and now she is the official guard of the president of the US. And Pedro is

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