Wuthering Heights Character Analysis

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Wuthering Heights was written by Emily Bronte. A young boy named Heathcliff was found on the streets and was taking in by a family called the Earnshaws. There the Earnshaws lived in Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff now had siblings, his brother, Hindley, who hated him because he stole dads attention away from him, and his sister, Catherine who he grew to love. Catherine and Heathcliff one day met the Lintons, who lived 4 miles aways in Thrushcross Grange. In the Linton family was Edgar and Isabella. Edgar and Catherine fell in love, and Heathcliff left because he loved her himself. Heathcliff came back three years later to find Catherine sick, when all actuality she was pregnant. Heathcliff then wants to get revenge on Edgar, so he marries Isabella…show more content…
The book says “Histrionic is tendency to be overly emotional and dramatic”(Veague 12). In this part of the story, Heathcliff was trying to punish, Linton for letting Cathy go. “I was embarrassed how to punish him, when I discovered his part in the business -- he’s such a cobweb, a pinch would annihilate him”(Bronte 210). He was experiencing histrionic personality disorder because Heathcliff was being over dramatic with what he was saying. Heathcliff is cruel and says awful things about his own family which is why he has a personality disorder . Another personality disorder would be narcissistic. “Narcissistic is overly self-involved, views self as special and deserves special attention”(Veague 12). Heathcliff was doing everything in his power to have Cathy and Linton hate each other “You shall get the full benefit of the torment as long as it lasts” (Bronte 210-211).This shows that Heathcliff has a narcissistic personality disorder because he is self-involved and showing that others are going to get tormentented rather himself. Lastly, the author states “Antisocial is deceitful, manipulates people, history of conduct problems in childhood’(Veague 12). Heathcliff got tired of Hindley mistreating him, “You must exchange horse with me; I don’t like mine, and if you won’t I tell your father the three thrashings you’ve given me this week and show him my arm, which is…show more content…
Mood disorder has many different things going on in it, but only 3 of them, Emily experiences herself. The first mood disorder Emily would experience is she is very reserved. “ The brontes collectively described a quiet and shy. … of the three sisters, only charlotte was known to have friends outside of family”(Means 2). Being reserved has to do within your family and if you have watched you family do the same thing. “Genes can cause many diseases or can influence the severity of a disease. In people with mood disorders, scientists observe that interactions between certain genes can produce a susceptibility to the disorder”(Esherick 17). This can relate to the book because Heathcliff was also very reserved and didn’t really talk unless it was to cathy. The second mood disorder would be stress. “After their aunt died, Charlotte and emily abandoned their plans in Belgium and returned to england to help take care of their father and the family home. For the next 6 years Emily hardley left and acted as a principal housekeeper”(Means 2). “Everyone experiences stress, but too much stress(too many commitments, family problems, relationship troubles, job or school pressure) can increase your risk of developing a mood disorder”(Esherick 17). This relates to Heathcliff because he was always having relationship troubles and not getting along with everyone. The

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