College Essay: The Main Challenges For Attending College

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Like every other person out there I have dreams and desires, the only difference between me and the billions of people out there is that I will stop at nothing to make sure I accomplish all my goals. I have always worked hard and preserved through all the hardship to ensure that I will have a better future than my parents did. My life has not been easy, however I don't let that bring me down instead I use it as a motivation to continue fighting and make someone out of myself. There are many obstacles in obtaining a better future for me the biggest challenge towards attending college will be money. My family is pretty small which consists of my 4 siblings and my mom, they offer me their unconditional support and love. My parents are immigrants who came to the United…show more content…
I do all my homework, I study for tests, I get things done on time, and I am always prepared. I also challenge myself to take the hardest classes possible to see what I am capable of. In addition to that I am also involved in school clubs that are very involved with the community and do a lot to involve other people. Some of the clubs I am involved in are MAYA and CSF. I have been in these clubs since my freshman year and because of my involvement I have become a more social person. I was also involved in sports such as cross country and track. I have narrowed my plan down which is to attend either UC Merced or Fresno State and hope to either major in chemistry or history. With the decision I will make I envision myself teaching a history class of 8th or 10th graders or studying the evidence of a crime scene. History for me has always been so intriguing and it has always captured my attention. I often find myself talking about the history of the United States instead of the usual gossip. On the other hand, I really love chemistry and the reason for this is because I am always captivated by the things that science can

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