Banque Saudi Fansi Case Study

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Banque Saudi Fransi Banque Saudi Fransi is a commercial bank that serves local and international clients of their banking needs. It is a leading provider of inclusive financial services and products in Saudi Arabia with many different branches in the Kingdom. The bank’s vision is to be the “Banque of Excellence”. Fonjan Creative Studios Fonjan Creative Studios is a small Saudi graphic design company that offers brand identity services to local businesses. The company seeks to “transform society from consuming into productive by providing local startups and Small-Medium Enterprises unique brand stories that enable them to stand out among the crowd”. They offer business-to-business services ranging from Brand Architecture to Video-graphics and Product Design. Saudi Industrial Services Company (SISCO) was established by a group of well-known Saudi Businessmen in 1988 with the aim to develop and invest in the national industry within the industrial estate. Today SISCO is considered to be one of the kingdom’s prominent companies, undertaken large-scale capital investments in desalination plants, free zone ports, industrial estate development and other key projects. Their vision and objectives are to work hand in hand with public and private sectors for the…show more content…
Banque Saudi Fransi and Via Arabia had average scores ranging from 1 to -0.5 distances away from the mean. SISCO, however, had the lowest performance in all of the seven categories and scored above and very far away from the mean. The results don’t necessarily reflect the actual performance of the companies because one person from different departments in each company answered the survey. As previously discussed in the analysis of each company, other factors may have influenced the results as

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