Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fog Computing

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Introduction: Cloud computing exits around us everywhere and its use internet to allows customers to use resources, applications, etc. By accessing central remote servers nested of installing them on costumer's computer. [2] Because there are some of problems in Cloud then Fog computing appeared. Fog computing extend cloud computing and complete each other by using same resources but each concept has advantage and disadvantage [1]. Fog similar to Cloud computing but there is some difference between them, Fog computing is more denser in geographical distribution and location than Cloud computing, it is close to the end user ,so that provide a faster experience than cloud computing, it is more secure and have performance better than Cloud computing…show more content…
Serving decoys will confuse an attacker into believing they have ex-filtrated useful information, when they have not. This technology may be integrated with user behaviour profiling technology to secure a user’s data in the Cloud."[3]. Fog computing can provide smart platform for real time nature emerging IoT (internet of things) to manage it and there distributed of Fog computing by do this can lead to new business model. [5] In network by 2020 there will as 50 billion objects connected to it and its difficult to handle everything in cloud, so Fog computing take responsibility of burden of the network.[3] Conclusion Fog Computing is definitely going to make its own space in the computing world. However it is clear that it is going to be an extension of the cloud infrastructure going closer to the end devices. Fog computing will need a much more robust infrastructure to handle the load from the Internet of Everything and we hope that by continuing this work using Fog Computing platforms can lead to improved protective

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