The Sun Also Rises Bullfighting Research Paper

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Bullfighting has always been a way of life for Hemingway. According to Leticia Estrella, “Hemingway believed in his philosophy that if something made you feel good, it was good.” After his many experiences The Sun Also Rises was soon wrote and published. In this story Jake comes to realization that he does not know how to face the huge animal, a bull that is trying to completely destroy him without giving Jake a chance. Through many trial and errors, he discovers that all of his friends are helping him succeed, or at least conquer, in the battle against the bulls. His favorite thing to talk about is bullfighting. It was his passion. Jake says, “’Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters’” (18). To some bullfighting is just a sport, but to others it is tradition, a post, and even an art, a difficult, but soothing art. You have to have patience, be limber, and always be prepared for the worst. Sounds like life does it not? Bullfighting may seem like a massacre, where an innocent bull, the victim, dies when the confrontation is over. Michael Palin said, “’But for others like Jake Barnes…show more content…
A steer plays the role of bringing the bulls together. He is the one in a bullfight. If one of them strays away then that bull will try attacking the others. Jake says, “’they’re only dangerous when they’re alone, or only two or three of them together’” (145). Christina Patsiokas says it perfectly when she says, “The matador usually kills the steer and is known to get hurt while the bull is a symbol of freedom, physical strength, and passion. Before long the matador is known as there pray and they examine it. But only to become and take on the role when the matador kills them, the prey. The bull is usually killed by the matador.” In other words it is like bribing somebody to do something and it turning out the complete

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