Empathization In To Kill A Mockingbird

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One of the most important human communication skill is to empathize. In certain cases, empathize can affect the world, such that, a friendship without empathizing will run out of common senses, a relationship without empathizing will crash into some enormous family conflict, a world union without empathize will lead to more conflicts, wars, which creates more refugees. Therefor, in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee (author) discussed the idea about how an individual’s perspective of the main character-Scout (Jean Louise Finch) and her transition from a perspective of childhood innocence in which they assume that people are good because they have never seen evil, to a more adult perspective in which they have confronted evil and must incorporate it into their understanding of the world. A satisfying parenting style will affect one child’s perspective tons. Scout has a great father who even encourages Jem and Scout to call him “Atticus”.…show more content…
As a result of hatred, prejudice, and ignorance pose to the innocent, people such as Tom Robinson and Boo Radley who are not prepared for the evil that they encounter, consequently, they are destroyed. Although some of the people will be victimized by the racism like Jem; However, others like Scout is able to maintain the basic faith in human nature. In Maycomb, social hierarchy indicated one’s stature.This provided a chance to Bob Ewells to make up for his own lack of importance by persecuting Tom Robinson, which further led to the ‘guilt of crime’. In addition, Boo Radley plays a gigantic role in the novel to Jem and Scout of their development from innocence toward a grown-up moral perspective. The development from the beginning where Boo is merely a source of childhood superstition until he leaves presents to Jem and Scout, he gradually becomes fully human to Scout, this illustrating the developed sympathy and understanding of an

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