Pond Observation

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White, white, white. Snow covers the ground like a blanket for miles to see, and at the center of it all, a humble little pond. I wonder what new things I will notice by taking time to observe this pond, what revelations about life I will discover from this simple pond. I stare at the pond from a distance. Its shape can’t even be described as anything but pond-like: a big circular body, thinning out and closing off at the mouth. Perhaps, it is similar to the head of a duck? Regardless of its common shape, the surface of the pond is quite intricate. Like a glass ceiling, ice covers the pond; however, this glass is not smooth and crystal clear like man-made glass. It is nature-made glass with wrinkles and indentations like the surface of the moon, showing that the ice has been aging for quite some time. The ice is also gray and has no reflection, yet it is beautiful in the midst of its still quiet surroundings. I’ve had enough of observing from afar; now, I want to…show more content…
I can now see the plants around the pond in greater detail. There are many slender, dry wooden sticks with branches poking out of the snow. To accompany them, baby evergreen trees are planted here and there, a dull green and covered in snow and ice. There are stems with small tan flowers and dark brown, prickly burs, and closer to the pond are cattails, reminding me of sticks with hot dogs on them. Such variety! I would never have expected to see so many different kinds of plants around the pond, but I only noticed them when I went up close. I’ve been outside for a while now. The cold is starting to make its way through my body, like needles piercing the skin with poison to make you freeze. Oh, the suffering I go through for nature! I can hear a whirring sound in the distance like approaching wind, but luckily there is none to be accounted for. There is also no smell, just the feeling of cold air being vacuumed into my
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