The Power Of Memory In The Movie: Inside Out

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Who would you be if you have never experienced sadness? Would you be who you are today? I don't believe you would. You see, emotional balance plays a big role in enhancing your experiences. You must have equal parts of joy and sorrow in order to live a balanced life. Without it, you would have no way to learn from your mistakes. Having an ebullient attitude will always lead you to a better life. However, in order to know what ebullience is, we must be capable of learning from our bad experiences, so we can strengthen who we are as a person. Memories are the key to acquiring important life concepts. They are what allow us to make the decisions we make and the actions we take a stand on. Every memory comes with an emotion. Although joyful ones bring valuable moments, sad ones bring some of the most imperative lessons. They can teach us the meaning of resilience which is an essential quality to have in a person. This virtue can grant us the power to become limitless with how we live and help us attain fearlessness. This means never giving up on your dreams and always striving to try again even if it results in failure. A memory that has taught me a lot about life is when my parents got divorced. This was a rough time for me, especially since I was so young and didn't fully…show more content…
Each memory has a set colour, representing the emotion that Riley felt during that specific moment in time. Riley was going through rapid changes with her emotions. She went from always being happy, to being depressed and angered. If these emotions are not dealt with, they tend to consume you from your well-being. We saw this in the visual when Riley moved to San Francisco. Her mother had asked her to stay happy and ignore anything else she was feeling. Riley tried her best to do this, but after a while, her other feelings caught up with her and demanded that they are

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