Observation: 5: How Does The Child Socialize?

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OBSERVATION #5: How does the child socialize? 1) Please observe for a minimum of 45 minutes and write down all of what you are seeing and hearing as the child engages with others: 14:00 The lesson of the Russian language began. The teacher asks the children what they went through at the last lesson. The answer of the children is "division into syllables". The teacher resembles the rules of division into syllables. Kiril sits at the desk with Sofia, participates with the children in the oral pronunciation of the rules, watches what the teacher writes on the board. 14:05 The teacher writes words on the board and asks the children to name the vowels in the word. Children raise their hands, call the vowels, the teacher emphasizes the letters. The teacher writes down the same words, dividing them into syllables. Kiril raised his hand and called one of the vowels in the word. 14:10 From the oral, the teacher goes on to writing assignments. After the general analysis and pronunciation, the children copy the writing on the blackboard into their notebooks, dividing the words into syllables and emphasizing the vowels in the word. Then highlighting the number of syllables in the word. 14:15 The teacher asks which of the children wants…show more content…
The teacher use the words that were used during the lesson (she calls the word and claps, the children repeat.). Then she ask the children find a pair and start to count till 10. Children in a rush are looking for their friends and clutching hands, everyone is having fun. All were divided into pairs, surprisingly there is no one unhappy with the choice or the fact that there was a crush, in a good mood the children go to the site. Kiril did not immediately decide who to grab for the hand, Sofia or Matthew or Vincent. While he was thinking, Sophia stood closer to him and chose him, Vincent reached out and chose

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