Observational Observation

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For observational research it is important that the people do not know that they are being watched, because if they do they will act differently than how they normally would. One thing that can help is if you just make sure that they are you in line of sight so you are looking in their direction for at least a short period of time. One other thing that will help is if you pick someone to observe who would never expect you to be observing them and taking notes. For me i picked someone that was close by so that most people wouldn't expect it because it would seem like it would be very obvious to the person but all i did was just not take notes and just observe and take mental notes about the little things that she did or how she acted while…show more content…
I also got a sense that she was going to have a wide group of friends based on who she talks to outside of class and because she checks her phone often. By the clothing she wore she seemed to always dress like she was going to impress someone. Her attitude is mainly positive so she seems happy a lot of the time, and that life is going well. As I started to observe her over the next few days I realized that I was right about almost everything that I had assumed about her from when I first met her. She is someone that right as they start talking and you listen you have a good idea of what they will be like. She is very comfortable in her own skin. She knows who she is and does not care if people are to judge her because she is so comfortable in her own skin. The little things i noticed were that she checks her phone often and fixes her hair often while looking at her phone so i assume that she was seeing how she looks, Which tells me that she never wants to look bad even if she woke up late or is sick. Another thing is she is relaxed almost all the time, she never looked tense or wound up from something which makes her a very easy person to talk to, it also helps that she is a very nice person. In most situations where people may feel uncomfortable or nervous she feels perfectly fine in. She likes to be the one who takes control and get

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