Dietitian Observation Report

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On 17th November 2015, I got the chance to have a field visit to Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur with accompanied lecturer, Dr Megan and my other 21 colleagues. We were brought to the function room which located at 9th floor by the person-in-charge, Ms Wong (Head of Dietetic in PHKL). Ms Wong spent about 2 and half an hour on briefing us about Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, and the dietetics department in PHKL. Instead of just briefed us about the general role of a dietitian, she also shared her experience and advice with us. She also brought us to walk around the hospital and introduced the others department with us. Moreover, we got to go in the dietetics’ consultation room and the kitchen of the hospital (food service department). The field…show more content…
Firstly, it is important for a dietitian to have a good observation. This is because a dietitian not only focus on the patient but also the community. The dietitian must observe what is going on to the community and environment. For example, Ms Wong has observed that most of the children nowadays do not have proper meal intake and they used to have the soft drink with them when having their meal which have led them to suffer from obese especially those live in KL area. From the observation, we can know that the factors that lead to obesity may due to poor eating habits and behaviour problem. Secondly, we are advised to know more about the other religions, what they eat, what they do not eat, what is vegetarian and other related questions to the food as we will contact with different people from different religions that we might not know when we will face them in our future. Thus, it is important to update and upgrade ourselves to prepare for our future. Thirdly, language is an important tool for communication. It becomes essential for a person to know more languages other than native language. This is because some of the patients might not know other languages instead of their mother tongue. Therefore, to understand their problems, first we need to understand their language. Lastly, the most important is the dietitian only gives nutrition point

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