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Is A Photo Op an Endorsement for Political Office? When you are free you can do what you want to do, within reason. However, when you entangle yourself with the government, you are no longer free. Interestingly, "entanglement" can come in more than one way. Not only can you be caught up in Uncle Sam's web if you accept government assistance, but you can be caught up by accepting certain exemptions as well. Take churches, for example. Churches like to think of themselves as free institutions, free to speak and preach what they want, and support who and what they want. This might be true of churches that operate as a business, that have not taken any government funds, and pay their taxes. However, churches that receive government grant money…show more content…
Some pastors in Houston, 136 of them to be exact, may find out sooner than later. PimpPreacher.com took offense to the pastors participation in a press conference that appeared to show support for mayoral candidate Sylvester Turner. PimpPreacher dubbed a picture taken at the event "a pretentious photo that we have sent directly to the IRS." The press conference was held so that the candidate could make a show of support for what he calls The Partners in Safety initiative. According to PimpPreacher, the initiative would lead to "a strong community-policing model that forges real connections between officers and the communities they serve; increasing the number of HPD officers to 6,000 by 2020; and fully funding the city’s pending body camera program to protect both officers and residents in police interactions with the public." The frustration from PimpPreacher and the Church Folk Revolution is that the pastors all rallied together for the spotlight and got nothing they needed in return. The show of force definitely made a political statement for a candidate, yet these were the same pastors that did not lift a finger when their own congregation members needed assistance (CFR brought the needs to their attention and still nothing was
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