Personal Narrative: The Theory Of Evolution

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Evolving It didn’t even account for a second, my hand was already stiffly in the air before my brain could register it. I concluded that I must be progressing into insanity! I rarely ever talked to those around me because my nose was always stuck in a book. I had scarcely any friends, not on behalf of no one liking me, but instead it was thanks to the fact that I rarely ever talked to anyone else, and I didn't care either. In middle school it goes across as if everyone must have their love interests and their enemies. I didn’t have that type of personality. I prevailed as an introvert, and was quite proud of it too. I was so quiet that the teachers never noticed me, therefore they never called on me to answer any questions. It wasn’t even necessary for me to sulk in a corner of the room, I could have just as easily sit in the front row alert…show more content…
I had been through science classes per annum and every teacher had a distinct teaching method. Something this teacher was teaching was clearly different though, well not so much the teaching in itself, but the manner in which she is teaching it. I had heard the theory of evolution a number of times before, I knew the gist of it, and I had no problem with it being taught as a theory. She was teaching it as a solid unquestionable truth in the most clear cut fashion though. I remember thinking about how some other people in the class must have realized it too and might say something, but upon looking around the room all I saw were sleeping heads, phones under tables, mouths moving but nothing important coming out, a few people looking bored, and one or two students who looked slightly confused. No one was going to say anything, they all either didn’t care or were too scared to say something. I had to say something, it was now or

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