Diabetes Case Study Essay

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Solution: A recommended solution to end the ongoing subject of how obesity rates in Ohio increase the risk of diabetes would be create a team with a group of people whom are interested in donating to the American Diabetes Association. The team will benefit towards this significant cause by participating in weekly events and meetings that will not only raise money for the cause, but they also get an opportunity to better themselves internally and externally. This is a notable opportunity for people to support a superior cause while meanwhile focusing on their own mind and body along their own journey. Instead of starting off with the basics to weight loss, this captivating group with work amongst each other by creating a different approach…show more content…
There will however be a fee to attending these events, but the audience has to keep in mind that not only is every individual working on themselves, they are also working towards achieving a goal which pertains to raising money for an important cause. The fee for fitness classes will be 6 dollars and the nutrition classes will cost 4 dollars. As a bonus, there will be some free events to attend as a treat for being apart of something so fantastic and devoting your time by attending these events and raising money towards the American Diabetes Association. At the end of the day, the audience will not only impact their lives, but also the lives of others. This month long journey will include a solution for everyone who joins and everyones solution will be different from each other because everyone will be on their own path working on themselves. During the week, every member on the team will reflect upon their own path as individuals and in the weekend the group will come together as one team and help motivate each other for the following week. The faster these solutions are put into effect, the more remarkable the reduction in the disease will

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