24 Hour Fitness Fieldwork

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Gyms are places where people gather together in one location and physically train their body; I decided to conduct my fieldwork at 24 Hour Fitness. The location is situated near the movie theater United Artists, Pho Le, Subway, Thai Basil, and Quickly. There are more establishments that cater to the area hosting vitamin and muscle supplements, and a juice bar. I wanted to know whether society makes people feel inadequate about themselves and how gender biased gyms were. The gym is an ideal location for an anthropologist to study human behaviors and understand how people display their actions and words towards one another. Every gym, mostly contained an assortment of equipment ranging from mechanical and nonmechanical items. Treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes are situated at the front of the gym near the windows, attracting a glance and stares from people outside of the place. In the middle of the gym are the weight machines that works out each different part of the muscle group from the arms, chest, core, and legs. There is a bench stand and barbell weights at the end of the area and also a basketball center. There is yoga room at the left with hardwood flooring, and the corner near the yoga room situated the sit up racks with medicine and balance balls. Beyond the area outside of the lock room host a sauna, a hot…show more content…
The elliptical machines, treadmills, and exercises were mostly taken by folks who were in their late 20's to mid 40's, listening to their mp3's and reading a book while they practice. I look at the weight section and there were many men who were weight lifting, doing bench presses, barbell curling, and using weight machines Women during this time are on the cardio machines and in the yoga room, not much involved in the weight section. The yoga room on some occasions can smell strong with a compound mixture of sweat and a variety of

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