Political Administration In Pakistan

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Purpose of the study According to Khan and Van den Heuvel (2007), the purpose of their study is to investigate the ways of implementation health policy is influence by the political administration in Pakistan. In order to investigate these issues, analysis document policy and interview session was conducted by based on followings political situation which cover the period 1970 until 2007: 1. Parliamentary democratic system Parliamentary system was introduced in Pakistan since 1956 after the first Constitution declared but the implementation of parliamentary democratic was done during 1973 after the first election. During this period the power to govern the country was placed under the prime minister and supported by the cabinet. Each province…show more content…
For the process of analyzing document policies it including the review of policies document, government reports and international reports which cover the period from 1970 until 2007. In the context of interview this method was conduct by interviewing face to face the related representative which is involve 146 individuals. This interviewing session was done by interview all related representatives including from the bottom to the top agencies from the locally and internationally. This interview session was done by taking two years started from 2003 until 2004 that cover the areas Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi and Abbottabad. The entire representative is interviewing by asking about their opinion and experiences as a government worker, policy maker, civil servant and NGOs representatives in Pakistan. In this method all results from interviewing session was analyze by comparing with the finding of report analysis, research and…show more content…
In this case according to the authors corruption is one of the ways political administration influence implementation of health policy. These problems happen because of weaknesses of role of law and lack of accountability that encouraging the people to free misuses the hospital resources without any action from the law. In this case, this situation was hiding the privilege of citizen to obtain the treatment from the public hospital because of shortage in hospital equipment and so on. Another than that because of corruption, the government always blind their eye for the polluting sector in order to protect their profit. In this case the government always debate that if they close this sector (tobacco) the country will facing with high unemployment and poverty. In this case all this issues was lead to unsuccessful implantations of the policy when the government cannot enforce the

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