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Healthcare System in Pakistan The healthcare system of Pakistan is confronting absence of authoritative capacity along with lack of responsibility at government level, political flimsiness and bureaucratic opposition. Choices of leaders are made on individual and political basis Pakistan has a blended system of health , with conjunction of public and private sectors. Poor open financing, absence of private sector direction and general administration constraints have prompted to access, quality, excel and value issues, depicted as the mixed health-systems syndrome. The healthcare system in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is assailed with various issues like organizational fragmentation, gender offensives, shortage of assets/resources, incompetence…show more content…
(ii) The primary care providers comprises of Basic Health Units (BHUs) and Rural Health centers (RHCs) principally for precautionary and outpatient care (iii) The Secondary health care facilities for inpatient and out-patient care are provided by Tehsil Headquarters Hospital (THQH) and District Headquarters Hospital (DHQH) (iv) Tertiary care hospitals are mostly situated in the real urban areas for more particular care The private health services division is directed by clinics, maternal and child health centers (maternity homes), dispensaries and diagnostic laboratories. In Pakistan the government health care facilities comprise of 1096 hospitals, 5527 basic health units, 650 rural health centers and 5310 dispensaries approximately, by and large making efforts to fulfill health of ordinary citizens. As indicated by the 18thamendment all duties of health care delivery system framework is a temporary order and no more remains the federal authority with the exception of couple of national projects all health programs in every one of the four provinces overseen and financed by the provisional

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