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Executive Summary The proposal is of a company known as the Shea Loves Me Company. The company is in the butter industry and it is involved in the manufacture of butter products that it distributes and sells both locally and globally. The proposal gives insight about the company through company description. It then looks at the organizations focus and plan by examining the companies goals, mission, vision and the core values. It also examines the situation analysis, market product focus and the marketing program. It finalizes by having a look at the financial data and projections, the organizational structure and the evaluation and control. 2. Company Description The core task of the Shea Loves Me company is in the manufacturing and processing…show more content…
Strategic Focus and Plan a. Vision To ensure that to all the consumers of butter, Shea Loves Me Company is the uttermost destination to be the best among the best b. Mission To ensure that the Shea butter is readily available, at a competitive price irrespective of the locations distance from the Company head quarters. c. Goal The goal of the company is to be the leader and pacesetter in the manufacture of butter products both locally and internationally. d. Core Values a) Quality customer services As Keegan & Green, (2011) suggest the policy of customers come first, and this is what Shea Loves Me believes in. Therefore, the company at times provides the best services beyond the imagination of most consumers. b) Good working environment The Company has provided a conducive and enabling environment to the employees so that they can provide better and quality services. This is in terms of housing and allowances. c) Honesty and hard work The company takes strict measures in ensuring integrity is upheld among the employees and the officials. Actions, values, methods, principles, and morals are deemed very critical by the organization irrespective of the third party involved with the company. d) Time…show more content…
This enables the company to run smoothly and attract more consumers since there is consumers’ satisfaction. e) Responsibility Shea loves Me company always is liable in case of any arising problems brought up by the consumers; the officials are fast in taking action on however was responsible for the damages. This shows utter dedication to the customers (Keegan & Green, 2011). 4. Situational Analysis For this project the situational analysis will involve a SWOT analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, company analysis and customer analysis of Shea Loves Me Company. The situational analysis will entail the examination of the managerial tools that can be employed to understand the micro and macro as well as the external and internal environment (Keegan & Green, 2011). a. SWOT Analysis The analysis of SWOT endeavors to discuss the various strengths and weaknesses as well as future threats and present opportunities. a) Strengths Modern equipment and experienced qualified staff- She Loves Me Company have modern equipment in the manufacture of their products such as the Shea butter. The company values quality products, a move that has seen it invest in recruiting the best qualified personnel, as well as offering training to its employees. This has really helped in the quality of its

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