Paco Rbanna 1 Million Advertisement Analysis

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The Paco Rabanna 1 million commercial for men starts by gradually opening to the face of a handsome model with camera lights alternating across his face. As his head emanates up he raises his right hand and snaps his fingers to start the rhythm of a catchy beat. As he snaps his fingers along to the music, materialistic items pop up around him as he dances. The first object shown is an up-close glimpse at a large flashy silver and gold trimmed ring. This is then followed by two red dice which signifies life as a gamble. He then snaps his fingers continuously throughout the advertisement showing an extravagant silver vehicle, a faceless woman embracing him from behind, a stack of money, cameras flashing showing him in the spotlight, emphasis…show more content…
The Mademoiselle Noi agency is a popular company that produces many film and campaign advertisements for known brands such as Armani, Lancôme, Lanvin, L’Oréal, and ELLE. Mademoiselle and Paco Rabanne work with both female and male models, so it is not a surprise they picked a well-known male model at that time. The model that stars in this advertisement is named Mat Gordon. Mat Gordon was about 24 when he was signed and starred in the Paco Rabanna fragrance commercial. Mat Gordon has previously worked for other well-known brands like Gucci, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger. The 1 million fragrance is part of a larger campaign because they have made many 1 million fragrances for men and women that send out the same messages. The #MyMillionProblem is used to signify wealth and everyday problems for those who have a luxurious lifestyle. Such as a woman named Charlotte Carel, who uses the hashtag after she had posted a picture of a beautifully decorated breakfast table with a stunning view of the mountains and crystal-clear water around it. Her caption in this post reads; “Just a bit windy right now in Marseille…How are we going to eat properly? #MyMillionProblem. Another example of the hashtag is a photo on the Paco Rabanne website with a slim woman walking away from a black helicopter, with the caption; “I hate traffic jams.” #MyMillionProblem. The reason I mention this is…show more content…
Throughout many sequences of the advertisement, Mat Gordan snaps his fingers to the beat as materialistic items pop up all around him. A lot of the objects that are surrounding him are items people aspire to have as they get older and become more successful. With the dreams of wealth, nice cars, and designer clothes, audiences see this advertisement as exciting and fun, with the flashy objects and the pop of vibrant gold once the fragrance is shown. The product itself cannot give someone the experience the male model is having by simply getting what he wants with a snap of two fingers. As a society, we are shown thousands of images of what can make us fit in or feel good. Many of us aren’t happy with the simple things, we think we need name brands to make us better than those who don’t have them. Somehow materialistic things make us feel as if we fit in and aren’t the outcast. With this, advertisers prey on our vulnerability to fit in. “At some indeterminate moment, maybe when we were feeling particularly adrift or vulnerable, a cult member showed up and made a beautiful presentation.” (Lasn) The 1 million fragrance makes such an impression that men who see this advertisement have the uncontrollable urge to think they must have it. An item that will make him good enough in a women eyes; or so they think. Although,

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