Police Corruption In The Police Force

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Police corruption has recently been a very controversial issue. Everyday more and more police officers are taking advantage of their higher stature and committing crimes almost as often as normal citizens. The only thing different is that most policemen are getting away with their wrongful actions. Many people are losing respect for the police force and the feeling of being protected. There is always going to be corruption throughout almost anything, theres always going to be one or multiple persons that think they have a higher authority over people and as a result do things that good hearted citizens would not do. Due to police corruption and brutality police authority and reputation has decreased greatly. There are several ways members of the police force can violate peoples expectations for them to be trustworthy and honorable. One common form of police corruption is soliciting or accepting bribes in exchange for not reporting illegal activities such as organized drug operations or prostitution rings. Some officers may even participate in organized crimes themselves, because they are most likely to get away with it based off of statistics. Another example of how policemen may be corrupt is disregarding the…show more content…
An officer could knowingly disregard a crime or an upcoming crime and that would be considered police corruption. An example of this could relate to a famous rapper named Biggie Smalls that was murdered back in the 1990’s. Evidence shows that the man responsible for his death is a well known music producer Suge Knight. People say that there were several members of the police force on Suge Knight’s security crew. The policemen in his crew had to have known about the attack, but they decided not to do what good cops would have done. In the end one of the most beloved rappers of all time was shot and killed all due to police officers failing to do what they had signed up

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