Victorian Police Culture Analysis

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Police Culture Assignment Introduction: Over time, the Victorian Police has had time to evolve with the ever-changing community that has grown around it. With these changes, come differing ideas on what principles, practices and codes of conduct are effective, and appropriate to the community needs and safety. The officers currently in the force have a higher tendency to abuse their powers in the police force, which had similarly occurred beforehand. Police culture and corruption are also major concerns for how they have changed over time, and are evidently different from how it once was. Additionally there is the issue of how society is treated and with time, there have also been variations with the understanding of family violence, how…show more content…
Not only must they follow these codes, but also there are principles and practices that provide guidelines for how one must act when on the job. As time has passed, these codes have been modified slightly but have always had the same proposal, which is ‘to provide a safe, secure and orderly society by serving the community and the law.’ (Victoria Police, 2014). Furthermore, the Police are expected to show levels of integrity, leadership, flexibility, respect, support, and professionalism values throughout their work, whether they are dealing with the community or work colleagues. Today it is apparent that not all officers are open to exercising these values, which leaves the community fuming and less likely to cooperate with Police in their dealings with them. Decision-Making is also a key role within this profession, and when it comes to making a decision, it is important that the community, their reactions, and the effect these decisions will have on it, are thought of before it is too late. For example, if a police officer is discriminatory towards a particular race or religion, this could effect the way in which they treat certain people and hence, society is extremely likely to hold a grudge against them and it will give them a bad…show more content…
This is also a sign that the values within the police force are reducing from what they ever were. Not only is this currently occurring, but it also had occurred 20-30 years ago, which demonstrates that there is a need for amendments in relation to police abusing their powers. For example, as stated by Deputy Commissioner John Frame (cited by Haldane 1995) ‘There are signs that our standards, attitudes and professionalism are slipping’; this reveals that the Deputy Commissioner at the time was concerned due to the specific values of Police not being adhered to. As a result of Police misusing their powers, it raises the impression that the Victorian Police force is becoming, or is currently corrupt, which diminishes their reputation within society. Unlike the codes of conduct within the force, it is becoming clear that Policemen/women are becoming substantially more abusive of their set powers. Abuse of powers, also raises the problems of corruption, and it also defines the police

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