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1. What is the police working personality? Police working personality is defined as the traditional values and patterns of police behavior. Certain characteristics of police working personality are essential to survival and effectiveness. Officers must develop efficient authoritarian strategies. Police working personality may already exist within individuals which is what draws them to police work. On the other hand it can be attributed to the socialization within the police subculture. Throughout the United State there have been reports of similar elements in the police subculture. Police subculture is a collection of beliefs and values that are usually unlikely to change from within however can change through external pressure, new hiring practices, investigations of police corruption, and commission reports. 2. What are the different types of police corruption? Police corruption is defined as the…show more content…
Police officers deal with tons of violent offenders in the line of duty. When dealing with certain offenders there is not telling what they could do. Officers also have to deal with the risk of disease and infected evidence. Each individual that an officer handles are not all clean. Officers arrest, detain, and fight people who have serious disease like aids or other life threating disease. Stress and fatigue among officers is a serious situation as well. Police officers deal with stress on a daily basis whether its dealing with and individual who refuse to obey what the officer is saying or seeing the body of victims from a murder scene. Traumatic events like hurricanes, terrorist attacks are also very stressful situations officers have to deal with. Any situation an officer has to deal with at work could be a danger to them. With the way the society is today officers are never out of dangers way. Officers are being killed just walking out of a courthouse or at routine traffic stops, even off the

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