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Police Brutality Each day every eight hours a cop kills an American citizen. Police brutality is the use of excessive and unnecessary force by police dealing with civilians. Police Brutality happens everyday and in many cases the “cops” get away with this type of action. Cops say the they only use force when they feel threaten. Police Brutality gives police the advantage to get away with ruthless actions because of this over thousands of people are brutally injured or killed by police. “African American men and boys are incarcerated or killed by weapons of racism in countless numbers. Most of us have learned about Emmett Till brutally murdered for the possibility that he had whistled at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955.”(Vermilya, 1).Racism…show more content…
“As unarmed teenageres, the protesters posed little threat to authorities. Yet they were by firefighters, who for decades have been ranked among the most admired people in America.”(Birmingham 1963, 33). This type of unnecessary action has been taking place for years and has been evolving for years as well. Just take a look at Rodney King, Marlon Brown and the Officer Pike situation nothing that happened to them was justifiable. “Though experts generally acknowledge an increase in police brutality, accused officers were infrequently charged and rarely found guilty.” (Topic…show more content…
One black man is killed by a police every twenty eight hours. Less than one percent of cops are charged with killings while ninety percent of civilians are charged with killings. Police Brutality needs to be stopped immediately. Justice for all who has been in a situation like this needs to be served. There have been only four thousand eight hundred and sixty one reports with six thousand eight hundred and twenty six victims being involved and only six thousand six hundred and thirteen police involvements. Some cops don't always report serious abuse by fellow officers and some cops witness officers using more force than necessary. Some cops believe that if you follow the rules all the time it will not get the job done. It’s also not unusual for cops to turn a blind eye to what a fellow member is doing to civilians. Too many people are dead because police do not care. Police do not have the right to treat people differently because they uphold a different level of authority when they have a badge and a uniform on. More evidence will help put more cops out of their position. We need to bring more awareness to this type of situation, we would save many more lives. So, let's not give police the advantage to get away with ruthless actions and let’s bring down the number of people dying due to these

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