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Every person on a 5 man basketball squad performs their own important role when it comes to winning a basketball game. You have your one’s, two’s, three’s, four’s and five’s in other words you will be having one Point Guard a Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and a Center- the big guy. Growing up I participated in basketball myself, as a child coach usually would play me as a Shooting Guard or Point Guard. With the knowledge and understanding I gained from playing the game of basketball I favored the positions I were able to play because it seemed more exciting playing the one and two. The Point has to be the most exciting position to play in the game of basketball because you are controlling everything that happens on offense. It also comes with its pro’s and con’s meaning you can be the player that makes a play happen or you could be the one to blame for a game you lost, which is not so fun. Of course every player wants to be the Point Guard- the guy who is in control of displaying his talent in a game if he wants, But a discipline Point who earns the trust of his comrades first can do such a thing without his team turning against him. As a player in high school, my team believed in me…show more content…
I personally refer to the two guard as the Point’s wingman because he is usually helping the Point move the ball up the court, also playing a scoring position the Point usually will be throwing the ball his way for a quick assist. Kobe Bryant is a great example of an extraordinary two guard. He dominates on offense and scores at will. A lot of times you will see the defence calling for another teammate to stop or slow down a consistent shooting two guard which is a great perk to have playing at that position making the Point Guard’s job a breeze when it comes to creating

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