To Kill An Elephant Response Research Paper

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Most people believe that animals are not intelligent or compassionate. If that was the case, then why would we have pets? Animals are very loving and intelligent and to prove it, many people have done experiments with animals. Zoologists have spent a lot of time around their animal subjects to see what their normal lives are like. They have come across many new discoveries by doing this and continue to find new things quite often. Numerous people might argue that animals are not clever or understanding, however some people think otherwise. Take Jane Goodall for example, who studies Bonobo apes. She spends most of her time out in the wild monitoring the apes. Doing this, she has learned how smart they are. Like when she reported seeing them create their own tools and using them to catch food. She has witnessed the Bonobo’s eating meat, communicating, sharing, and countless other things. There have also been reports from different zoologists who have witnessed animals, like elephants, showing sympathy for others.…show more content…
There are reports of elephants being empathetic towards other elephants, some that aren’t even in their own group. Like in one case, Eleanor, an old elephant, got too weak to carry on. Grace, a younger elephant from a different group, stopped and tried to use her tusks to pick Eleanor up. But Grace was too weak and it didn’t work. Grace then stayed with Eleanor until she passed away then next day. The zoologists observing this were so amazed at the compassion that Grace had shown towards Eleanor.There have also been cases where animals, such as dogs, have stayed with their owner through thick and thin and shown sympathy towards their owners, and even other

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