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What does this poem suggest to you about the pursuit of a passion? Passion is “strong or barely controlled emotion”. Passion is something that almost everyone holds. You might not grasp the meaning of it, all of a sudden, but down the road, you do. Passion is something every person has in them, something that keeps them going, or someone. For example, if you asked someone that’s successful what made them reach, where they are or what kept them going, they would reply with an answer that is connected to passion. Passion is a strong emotion inside of you for someone, or something. Ever since you’re a child, you always knew what you liked, what you loved, what you hated, and as you grew older, your mind was always fixated on one thing that consumed…show more content…
Clarissa would have nightmares in the night, ones that also made the foster father question as she sometimes told them. As the story progresses, so does the writer of Clarissa. Clarissa is found out to be from the tribe Assiniboine, however not for certain. She is a dark-eyed girl that is violent and disturbed as she had tried to kill one of the cats a couple of days before the dance. However, the foster parent takes Clarissa to the dance, and that is when Clarissa is met with the turning point in her life. As Clarissa is met with the dances in the event, she is awestruck as she follows the dancing body of Molly Greybull and the rest. As the foster dad has declared, “She sure got a good eyeful.” As the night continued, her hollering nightmares had stopped too, and in the morning she was met with silence and the tapping of the one-two against the door, her passion slightly growing with curiosity. As her passion grew, so did her personality, and so did her curiosity for it as she had asked her foster dad a few days later, “When’s there gonna be annother dance?” as the days grow on, so does Clarissa’s passion for singing, music and dancing, as she listens to music on the tape recorder and learns how to dance by herself and her foster dad. As her passion grows, so does her personality as the

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