Pocket First Aid Case Study

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Overview imiAID is an organisation located in Guwahati, Assam (India) operating in the healthcare sector since 2012. The word imiAID is derived from two English words ‘Immediate Aid’. It is a growing organization focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations in the areas of health care. The organization has been a pioneer in the concept of pocket first aid kit which enables a person to carry first aid kit wherever he go. Without compromising its quality standards and its stand on robust R&D, imiAID has always tried to make its products affordable, ensuring maximum reach to people. The medicines that are used in the kit are from the best suppliers of India, who cater to the needs of world class organizations like Apollo…show more content…
But, if we question ourselves- Can a piece of tape really help us in an accident? The answer will be ‘No’. imiAID is a product, which enables a person to carry all first aid items anywhere, anytime. Its unique design gives an easy access to all the first aid items necessary to tackle the wound, bruise or cut an instant. Starting from antiseptic cream, lotion to specialized cleansing wipe, square band aids and gauze swabs it contains everything. The boxes are designed in a manner which enables an individual to carry the first aid kit even in his/her pocket. The pocket first-aid kit contains: Antiseptic Lotion, Antibiotic Cream, Cotton Balls, Band aid, Roll bandage, Gauze swabs, Round band aid, Square band aid, Cleansing swabs and Manual for consumers. Exhibit 2 illustrates the imiAID product range for different target…show more content…
imiAID recently have been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification. The box is manufactured at Gorchuk factory. The manufacturing partners of imiAID are now Hind Pharma, Dr Sabharwals, K. S. Surgical. From there the finished box is brought down to the assembling unit on Zoo Road. Items i.e., medicines and other ingredients are procured from different states across India like Gujarat, Chandigarh, UP, Delhi etc. Generally, the lead time is 15 days for procurement of the materials. After the goods are assembled in the box, it is loaded on trucks and dispatched to respective distributors from where further distribution takes

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