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Lion Air as one of the largest private airline in Indonesia face a problem. The main problem of a growing issue in the public is the customer feels the airline is no longer safe because of the many reports of passengers who lost his stuff and goods in the baggage. Based on these reports, Lion Air in cooperation with Soekarno Hatta police and PT Angkasa Pura II to investigate, from various reports and CCTV evidence shows that the perpetrators of theft of the stuff and goods of passengers' baggage is Lion Air porter, they made a group that works with Lion Air security. According to the porter who was caught, before he doesn’t want to commit theft, but if it does not do so, then he would be beaten. This triggered a number of public opinion which…show more content…
Party Lion Air in a press conference this deeply regrets of the crimes that arranged by the porter and security, as this leads to reduced customer confidence to Lion Air, thus affecting the service of Lion Air. In a press conference held by Lion Air, Police in this case represented by the Chief of Police Soekarno Hatta explained the result of the investigation has been based on field observations and stated that was the case with Lion Air is a common case that could occur in other airlines. Meanwhile, PT Angkasa Pura II, said that it would increase security around airports to be the same incident does not happen again either at the airline Lion Air and other airlines. In addition, in one of the online media coverage, Garuda Indonesia acknowledges that have experienced similar events. A similar incident occurred and known after passengers reported the incident to the management. So, the conclusion given by the…show more content…
Stakeholder theory instead argues that there are other parties involved, including employees, customers, suppliers, financiers, communities, governmental bodies, political groups, trade associations, and trade unions. Even competitors are sometimes counted as stakeholders – their status being derived from their capacity to affect the firm and its stakeholders. The nature of what is a stakeholder is highly contested (Miles, 2012) , with hundreds of definitions existing in the academic literature (Miles, 2011)

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