The Importance Of Hip Hop

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Hip Hop stems from the cultures of New York and Los Angeles. During the late 70s and 80s in New York, specifically the South Bronx, Hip-Hop is born. African Americans and other minorities, living in poverty, like Puerto Rican immigrants, dominated the South Bronx at this time. Drugs and gangs permeated the economically weak city. Segregation was very much alive in New York but not just between African Americans and whites, but between other people of color. While feuds between African American street gangs arose, so did more and more Puerto Rican gangs. ?????????????????????????????? Clive Campbell, also known as DJ Kool Herc, is the founding father of Hip-Hop, is . Kool Herc got his start at the age of 18 when he and his sister Cindy would…show more content…
Hip-Hop became an escape and a reflection of the struggles that were faced in the inner-cities of New York that expanded all throughout the country to the West coast. Teaching Hip-Hop is beneficial to urban youth education because students can learn from the lyrics and messages of Hip-Hop songs. From giving the audience insight to what a day to day life is like in an inner-city to encouraging the lyrics in these songs allowed the listener to challenge common and conventional thinking and students can apply what they learn in and outside of the classroom. Hip-Hop pedagogy is being applied to many teaching curriculums throughout different classrooms every day. From being taught in an English class to being used to help students learn science, Hip-Hop has been very successful in teaching urban youth. It allows students to become more engaged in class and makes it easier for them to learn and understand what is being taught to them. Urban youth can relate and connect to the lyrics because they see and experience very similar things that the artists mention in their songs. And even though Hip-Hop is a predominantly male genre, many young girls and women can relate and connect to the genre of music as well. And while many can oppose Hip-Hop from being used to teach the youth because of the explicit lyrics, it is no question that it is beneficial to their education because they become more interested in what they are learning and develop new ways of understanding their work. Despite some of the negative connotations it has, Hip-Hop music is indeed a reflection of urban culture because it chronicles the current sociological movement and should be taught to the urban youth because they can connect to and learn from the

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