Martinez's Dollhouse

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What do you think of when you hear the work ‘dollhouse’? Perhaps you think of dolls, as anyone one would. Maybe you think of tiny furniture, or playing pretend. All in all, when we think of a dollhouse we think of innocents, or do we? In Melanie Martinez’s song Dollhouse she puts a different, metaphorical twist on it and turns into something not so innocent. When we take a closer look into the underlying meaning within Martinez’s dollhouse we will find that things aren’t what they seem. When the music video first starts you see a little girl in her pj’s and pig-tails playing with her dolls and a dollhouse in an attic. You hear a ticking clock and creepy toy noises. The little girl runs off and the song begins. You see Martinez’s dressed as a doll with purple and black hair with a big awkward looking bow on her head. She has large over drawn eyes and lips to make her look doll-like. You see the mother character passed out on the couch with a half drank bottle of liquor and, to go along with the lyrics, “Dad’s with that slut” (Dollhouse) and you see the table with papers blowing on it, his…show more content…
To which Martinez’s character says “uh-oh she coming the attic, plastic, go back to being plastic” (Dollhouse). At that point they all go back to their places and freeze into their doll roles. This is the climax to the story. The little girl represents the “outside world”. She is the symbol of the criticizing eyes of the people the doll family is trying to impress. When she comes back, they all go back to what they think they are supposed to being doing in order to appear perfect. The next thing you know, the little girl has somehow shrunk down and ends up in the doll house and she sees them for what they really are. She seems frightened and confused and backs away slowly. This is only for a brief moment and then she is back to her normal size and she runs off again with an upset face. She obviously didn’t like what she

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