Mean Girls Movie Essay

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Emerson had a famous quote: “Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide.” When looking beyond this statement, we are able to understand exactly what he meant. Emerson was convincing us that we should not worry about what others think. Society is a cruel and judgmental world because people are insecure about their appearances, gender, race, religion, age, or the way they speak. Emerson believes that it is a waste of time trying to be someone or something that we are not. People are much happier when they don’t have to worry about being discriminated against. Take the movie Mean Girls for example. The movie is about a girl named Cady who moves to America from Africa. She had never been to a public school before and just wanted to be popular and fit in. New classmates Janis and Damian…show more content…
In the process, Cady remakes herself in Regina's image, becoming spiteful, abandoning Janis and Damian. She then begins lying to her friends and parents, just so others could think the best about her. One of the biggest issues in the movie is Regina's "Burn Book", a notebook filled with rumors, secrets, and gossip about the other girls and teachers. A guy named Aaron, Regina’s boyfriend, tells Cady she's no better than Regina, which is what many people are concerned with today-everyone thinks that they’re better than someone else. Anyways, Janis and Damian find out that Cady lied to them about not being able to attend Janis's art show the night of a party and are upset. Cady tries to explain her motives, but Janis says that Cady has become worse than the Plastics by hiding her true self behind her innocence. Cady then takes full blame for the Burn Book. As part of her punishment for lying and failing Norbury's class, she joins the Mathletes in their competition. While competing against an unattractive girl, Cady realizes that mocking the girl's appearance wouldn’t stop the girl from beating
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