Dialogue About Poor Innocentia

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This girl can take care of her man. She caters to him. At some point, I thought something had happened between you and Innocentia. Why would you think that? I don't know, but whenever you two were in the same room, the mood would change. The life you live... I don't understand it, and I never will... but my boy... you're my son. I'll support you till the end. - You'll tell me, right? - Yes... but please go now before anyone sees you... - and disturbs our plans. - Let that devil come! Tomorrow is the day, right? Are you ready? Okay, see you tomorrow. Poor Innocentia. Ma, so you've decided to poison her? Don't talk rubbish. I'll slap you. I'm still your mother. Watch how you talk to me. No. I mean there's something different.…show more content…
Were you waiting for me to move out? I'm on my break. It's nice having a sister wife. And since she's on conjugal duty, I have time to do this. She must just feed our husband the 'velvet cake'. No. My poor ears. I don't want to know that. No! This means Nkunzi's... prayers were heard, and I quite like this arrangement. It works for me. I love having a break. Talking about prayer reminds me of MaNzuza. I'm going for a jog. I'll see you later. Listen... come join us for dinner this evening. I want to train you on how to get a wife. Or two or three. Nice plump wives you can have some fun with. Bye, Ma. I've forgotten what I wanted to say. You'll come back later, right? I'll see. Knock, knock! You? Cleaning? I never thought I'd see the day. Hello, friend. I'd forgotten how irritating you are. Clearly, our girl's feeling better. She's running her mouth. What are you saying? That my…show more content…
You can go leave me in the middle of nowhere. I won't come back. People say I'm crazy. But don't believe that. - Don't make a fool of me. - I know that you're not crazy. I know Lindiwe sent you. I'll give you twice whatever she offered you. She's not paying me. She's my friend. I'm doing this for free. Please. Please don't use that thing. Rather shoot me. Don't panic. Don't you love my machine? My machine. Hello... Smangele. I'm sorry to show up unannounced. Bafana, we agreed that you'd never come back here. Relax. I'm not here to attack you. Nkosinathi's alright. He's with his parents. You and I should make peace. I hope Buhle feels the same way. Buhle's a good person. My battery died. Is my friend here? Bafana, please leave Zweli alone. What would I do to him? When I came back... I met up with him and we ironed things out. We're alright. So what do you want here? I'll come back when he's home. Tell him I came looking for him. I forgave you long ago. You should do the same... and forgive yourself. Cheers. Please, Lindiwe. Please tell her to stop. I promise I'll never hurt you again. My friend, remember... we agreed that we'd squash her head? You're a true

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