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There are many countries in the world that mainly depend on the agriculture sector. So the development of these countries is related to the agriculture. Pakistan is an important agricultural country but as compared to other countries its agricultural yield is much lower. So the crop production can be increased by using the available technologies as per recommendations. In this way the challenges that crops have to face can be decreased by applying science and technology. [1] Cotton is most important crop all over the world because people have long been dependent on this crop for food and fiber. The use of the cotton for the fabrics formation started almost seven thousand years ago. [2] Cotton is the natural textile fiber that is renewable.…show more content…
Viruses are the most dangerous biotic stress. These are the causative agents of many plant diseases and as a result the crop yield as well as the quality suffers a lot throughout the world. Agriculture sector in Pakistan is also affected by the viral diseases. In 1978, plants were observed having some germinate particles which were later proved to be the single stranded deoxyribonucleic acid virus. These viruses belong to a class of Geminiviruses. [3] The Gemniviridae family consists of three genera named as Mastrevirus, Curtovirus and Begomovirus. The members of the genus Begomovirus are much harmful causing the cotton leaf curl disease. [4] The crop yield is affected by the pests and diseases. Among all threats that cotton has to face the most dangerous for the crop yield is cotton leaf curl disease. [5] This disease can cause up to 58% loss in the crop yield. Whitefly is the major source to transmit this dangerous disease. Members of family Geminiviridae and genus Begomovirus collectively known as cotton leaf curl virus that is associated with the CLCuD. [6] Two genomic components DNA-A and DNA-B are present in the most of the begomoviruses which are necessary for the disease because these cause virus infectivity.

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