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Unwind Reaction Paper Imagine a world where a mass amount of children were being aborted not while in the womb, but as teenagers. This is the exact world that is portrayed in Unwind by Neal Shusterman. The story takes place in a future where unwinding (the process of taking teenagers apart and giving their body parts to others who need them) is a common practice. It takes the view of three unwinds who are attempting to escape their fate: Connor, Risa, Levi. I enjoyed Unwind a great deal. Unwind was a book that kept me engaged and always wanting to read more. Of course, with every book comes a group of likes, dislikes, connections, and recommendations you can make. Since I had such a great opinion of Unwind, there are many parts and things I enjoyed about it. My favorite part in the book was when Connor saved the storked baby he saw in a random neighborhood. Connor knew that storked children could die being victims of abandonment, so he showed the most sympathy that he did at any point in the book and took the baby himself. An…show more content…
I can, of course, connect unwinding to abortion today. The two are a process that help a parent get rid of a child that they either don’t want, or is causing too much trouble for them to handle. Another connection that I can make is the Heartland War to the Civil War. Both wars were fought between Americans over ethical issues, and characters from Unwind even referred to the Heartland War as the Second Civil War. I can also connect the airplane graveyard that Connor, Risa, and Lev are taken to with refugee camps that help people running from war and other conflicts. Both places house those fleeing from death to try and give them safety and another chance to start things anew. I think that Unwind does a great job of being commentary on political issues about the lives of others, so it has many striking similarities to the real

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