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A journey from classical to modern breeding Plant breeding: Plant breeding is an art and science of developing new plants that have desirable characters using various techniques for the welfare of mankind. These techniques start from simple selection to complex molecular techniques. Plant breeding has been practiced from thousand of the years. As the world population is increasing day by day, to meet the food requirement of increasing population we have to make sure the food security. We have to develop the new varieties that yield better than older varieties. We have to develop the varieties that are resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses, which are adapted to varying environmental conditions, which are resistant to salinity and drought.…show more content…
At that time farmer simply made selection of plants that have good characteristics and grow them as a progenitor. With the passage of time desirable traits starts to accumulate in these progenitor. And these progenitors become their landraces. These land races were used from generation to generation. First time Mendel did work on hybridization and gave the laws of inheritance. From Mendel’s work many breeders are stimulated to do research on plant breeding and develop new varieties. It become basis of new genetics .modern plant breeding broad base and is multi disciplinary (covers many other discipline like biotechnology, cytology, statistic, biometry, entomology, pathology etc) modern plant breeding has become applied genetics. Classical plant breeding: Classical plant breeding is the crosses between two closely related species or distantly related species to produce new varieties that posses desirable traits. We made crosses to transfer genes from one parent to a new genetic background. We also made crosses to develop inbred lines. In plant breeding and genetics our main concern is genetic diversity. In classical breeding we can also use in vivo techniques to create the genetic diversity and can made a plant that does not exist in nature. Modern plant

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